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Pluie/Noir Podcast 010



Sound by Levat // courtesy of Xquisite Records
Visual Interpretation by Max Binski.
Video by Max Binski.


Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs and a poster triptych by one of our designers.
We interviewed both artists and dropped some questions about their vision:


What have you been up to lately?
To be up late.

You're our first guest contribution to the series, courtesy of Xquisite Records. What's your connection to Xquisite?
Yes, i am really honoured to be the first guest appearance to your podcast series.
My first connection to David Garrine (owner of Xquisite) was through Diogo Lacerda. Diogo showed David some tracks of mine and he just hit me up. He told me about his plans for his upcoming vinyl-only label and i was into it. I'm on Xquisite's future release plans and I am especially happy about the remixer which is fittingly a key personality of Pluie/Noir.

What was your inspiration and methods in making this podcast?
The Idea for the Podcast came very spontaneously. I was just sitting around the whole night and was kind of bored and uninspired of everything. So i thought that i could try something that i've never done before. I started to put together some all-time favourites paired with unfinnished projects of mine and started to layer things together to create some amalgamation, without knowing where it would end.
Next day when i listened to it i was really sold on it and i'm glad that Pluie/Noir liked it too.

How's the german scene these days?
I think that it really depends on where you are located.
I live in North Rhine-Westfalia. We have here the highest concentration of citizens throughout Germany. But thats actually not as good for the ''scene'' as you may think.
Though we have a bunch of up-and coming talented and comitted djs and producers around here, i would say that the scene in general is getting smaller and smaller. At least in my nearer environment. A lot of clubs closed and it feels like that the people are not really into going out anymore like they were some years ago. I can't really explain why it is like that, but i hope that things will be better in near future. Anyway there still are some few places and events which give us hope.

Future plans?
As already mentioned I'm looking forward to release on Xquisite.
Besides that I am working in other projects with some friends where the progenies of it will be released in near future also.
And of course i will stay focused on my work and try to develop myself as an artist and person.


How are you lately?
T-i-r-e-d. But FUC&%$# happy.

What have you been working on?
Pluie/Noir mainly. Doing designs for the imprint and re-designing the website to split it in 2 (collective & imprint). I've been also working on a good number of record labels, doing artworks for releases and videos. Also doing flyer and image research for João Maria's Dogtown. I'm also currently developing 2 websites for important brands in Portugal. 

Who's next on the graphical submissions for the Podcast Series?

I've recently recruited a really talented guy signing by the name Nicolai Sarbib. He's from Lisbon and he works for FUNGO. He will, along with Sonja (also from FUNGO) and Vitrio (from Fluxo), be responsible for the next submissions to the series starting on episode 12.

Your triptych is completely different from your latest submission for Vlad Caia's Podcast. Is it a new signature from you?
Actually I'm feeling bolder lately, unafraid of trying new things and willing to make experiments. I'm still continuing my abstract vision on geometric design, but with a different edge to it. Specialy color. I'm day by day more in love with digital art, bright colors and unexpected layouts.

Scheduled works?
Loads. Mainly free-lance graphic & web design, video and photography. And Pluie/Noir sucks a lot of time as well, loads of new stuff coming. I'm also rebooting my interpretations of sound series.. after "Music on a Long Thin Wire" by Alvin Lucier, I'm now working on a series of triptychs for Jean-Claude Risset's "Mutations", an experimental song from 1973. 


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